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A New Way To Share Music

PairShare with a Friend

Whether on a hike, on a bike, jogging, at the gym, or at the library, the PairShare music sharing app is a great way to enjoy listening to music with a friend.

Works on iPad

Share your music without sharing your headset for only $0.99!

The PairShare music sharing app was engineered for reliability and ease of use and allows iPhone, iPad and iPod users to share music in perfect harmony with a nearby friend's iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Bluetooth.

Sharing Your Music is Easy!

Connect to a friend, then...

Easy to use and setup.

Key Features
  • Select a music ShareList for you and your friend to listen to.
  • Auto-scan to connect with nearby friends.
  • Bluetooth music sharing up to 300 feet.
  • Swipe to switch back and forth between listening to your music or your friends.
  • Remote control allows listeners to select and switch to playing other songs on the remote ShareList.
  • Intercom allows you to chat by simply pausing your music.
  • iPhone (3G or newer), iPod Touch (2nd gen or newer) or iPad (1st gen or newer)

select a song and press play!

Buy now for only $0.99!

  • Auto-play (Shuffle or Loop) your music ShareList once connected.
  • View a friend's ShareList, album art, song title, album and artist.
  • Auto reconnect when temporarily out of range ensures continued enjoyment.
  • Headset control allows for stop, start, volume and click to advance to the next song.
  • Swipe-Play provides "auto play" of songs as you swipe screens.
  • Coming soon: Share Shuffle and more.


  • iOS 4.1 or later
  • Other device must have PairShare music app installed