How to use PairShare:

Step 1: Customize your ShareName.

Step 2: Add music to your ShareList from your iTunes music library.

Step 3: Connect to a friend using the Connect button.

Step 4: Play your music or swipe the album art to listen to friend's music.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do both parties need to have PairShare installed?
Yes. PairShare can only connect to another device running PairShare.

Do both parties need to press the Connect button?
Yes. Apple's standard connection process requires that both parties press the Connect button.

What is a ShareList and why is it empty?
Your ShareList is a selection of songs that will stream, in order, to a connected device. You may add songs to your ShareList by pressing the music picker button. If you leave the app running in the background, your ShareList will be preserved. However, if you manually close the app, or you reboot your device, the Sharelist will be cleared.

What are DRM tracks and why can't I play them?
Digital Rights Managment (DRM) tracks are digitally protected music. Apple does not allow any app to access DRM protected tracks other than the standard iPod player. For this reason PairShare is unable to access and stream DRM protected tracks.

What is the range of the connection?
Bluetooth connection distance can vary based on many factors. Standard Bluetooth range is about 10 meters (or 33 feet). However, we have tested connectivity upwards of 300 feet.

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