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PairShare’s iTunes App Allows Peer to Peer Music Sharing in Real Time

Bluetooth Music Share Lets Users Share Music Without Sharing a Headset

Santa Rosa, CA, March 24, 2011 – The iTunes App Store released PairShare, a new app that lets users create music “sharelists” and stream them concurrently with friends using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Perhaps the best app for the trendy and social music-lover, it can exponentially expand a user’s listening library with the swipe of a finger. The first Bluetooth technology-based peer to peer (P2P) iPhone music share app to be approved by iTunes, the PairShare app can even scan to find friends to listen to music with. Users can easily choose between their own music or their friends’ music, and the headset control lets them control the volume and song choice. Even if the users move out of range, the auto reconnect feature allows them to continue sharing when they return within 300 feet of each other. For $0.99, users of this iPhone app can take advantage of unlimited, uninterrupted listening and sharing; the free version allows users to play one song at a time and enjoy unlimited listening to a friend’s music stream.

“Vicinity-based social networking apps like PairShare are the wave of the future. iPhone, iPad and iPod users have been waiting for an app that allows them to share music without sharing a headset,” said Mike Kovatch, President of PairShare, LLC. “We conducted numerous focus groups to identify the key features users wanted for this app. It has certainly paid off; PairShare is the top-selling app in its niche.”

Arguably the best iTunes app, PairShare lets friends synchronize their listening experiences at the gym, on the beach, or on a train. They can view the album art, song title, and artist name without having to download it to their own library. Activate “Remote Control” and either user can adjust the music stream on the remote sharelist in real time.

PairShare recently received five out of five stars on According to the website’s Editor-in-Chief, Jon Li, “Music sharing apps are valuable—the robust features, ease of use and price point make PairShare invaluable.”

About PairShare, LLC

Based in Northern California, the maker of the PairShare iOS app focuses on proximity-based social networking applications. PairShare provides instant, vicinity-based social networking for the physical world by allowing users to use their mobile phones to instantly discover others and share music with those in the same physical location. PairShare leverages Bluetooth wireless technology and has developed a solution for short-range wireless communication between mobile phone users that allows for real-time discovery of close-proximity users. It provides a solution that allows high-speed media and music sharing that is 5 to10 times faster than that of 3G networks. PairShare strives to be the leader of vicinity-based social networking applications and has plans to launch additional iOS applications in the future. Learn more about PairShare and download the application at

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