03/25/2012 - Now Supporting Podcasts and Audiobooks

PairShare now supports live streaming of Podcast and Audiobook files to other PairShare devices over bluetooth. Now you can share your Podcast or Audiobook experience with a friend.


01/30/2012 - The Sunday Times TOP 500 Applist 2012

PairShare has been listed amongst the TOP 500 Apps in The Sunday Times Applist for 2012!

"The app enables you to ditch the 'one earphone each' method of sharing music by using Bluetooth to connect you to a friend's iPod. The free version allows you to share one song at a time, with album artwork and details of the song visible on both devices. You will be prompted to upgrade annoyingly often, but the 69p upgrade does make sense as it allows you share an entire playlist, rather that just one song at a time."

~Ben Tyler


08/25/2011 - New intercom feature and more!

We are listening to your feedback. You can now chat with friends via your headset or built in mic by pausing the current song. Also, we've added Swipe-Play which allows you to auto play music by swiping back and forth between your music and your friends.


06/25/2011 - New control features!

These new features to add to the PairShare experience. Now we allow you to remote control your friends music and control whats playing by using your headset buttons. We have also added a robust auto-reconnect feature that helps with devices going in and out of Bluetooth range.


04/24/2011 - Press Release

First Bluetooth music share App of its kind to be approved by iTunes. The PairShareApp is downloaded by users in over 150 countries. Read the press release here.


03/24/2011 - PairShare has been Approved!

Our PairShare app has been approved by Apple and is ready to download here! We are very excited and relieved.


03/18/2011 - We have submitted PairShare to Apple.

The fate of PairShare's future is now in the hands of Apple's reviewing process. Now all we can do is wait for the news, be it good or bad.


02/13/2011 - Beta Testing Has Begun!

We have a full beta version ready to test. We have been sending out invites to people close to the project to help find bugs, refine the UI and come up with important features we may have missed for our first release. Thanks to all who have helped get us to this important milestone!


01/16/2011 - Alpha App Ready to Play

An alpha version of the app is ready to start playing around with. Song selection, simple UI and streaming are all ready to test out and refine. Not long before our first beta is out!


11/05/2010 - Development Progresses

Development progresses as we have a proof of concept app that streams music over bluetooth. No GUI, song selection or settings of any kind. We are off to a good start!


10/14/2010 - Programming is Underway

Programming is underway as all the initial features and specs have been decided upon. There is a number of important milestones to achieve in order to prove the concept of PairShare. The Developers are excited to get underway.